About Kit-e Kline

Kit-e has been working in the field of mental health and alcohol and other drugs for the past 20 years and has worked across various settings in the sector including; crisis accommodation, residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation, residential detoxification treatment, mainstream community health, Private health and Aboriginal Community health.  Her roles have included outreach work, counselling, case management and program development and facilitation.  Kit-e is currently a Trainer and Assessor in the fields of Mental Health and Alcohol & Other Drugs and Youth Work.

Kit-e’s qualifications match her varied experience with a Master’s Degree of Indigenous Studies (University of South Australia), Bachelor of Arts Degree in Indigenous Studies (Victoria University), a Diploma in Alcohol & Other Drugs / Diploma in Welfare Studies (NMIT), Diploma in Holistic Healing (nutrition), Cert IV in Youth Work and a Cert IV in Assessment & Training.  Kit-e is also a Reiki Master and a member of the International Institute of Complimentary therapies with accredited modalities in Holistic Drug & Alcohol Counselling and Nature Based Therapy approved by the IICT.

Kit-e was born in Canada and moved to Australia when she was 10.  She is a decedent of the Wampanoag people on her paternal side and is a member of the Sou’West Nova Metis Council.  Kit-e has always felt a strong connection to her Native American ancestry and believes her philosophy on health and wellness derives from this connection.  Throughout her 20 years’ experience working with people diagnosed with mental health and drug addictions she has found one common element being that they have all suffered from some sort of trauma in their lives.  She believes that there needs to be a more holistic approach to working in the sector and a focus on healing the spirit rather than suppressing the symptoms.  The approach to healing mental health and addictions is to ‘plant seeds’ on an Individual level which will then lead onto positive change in families, communities and improve the overall health of the planet.  She believes when we heal ourselves we heal everything around us.

Kit-e is a mother to three daughters and one son and enjoys coastal life in Torquay, Victoria.  In her personal time, she enjoys taking her family on picnics to local forests, bushwalking, mountain bike riding and cooking healthy organic food.  She also enjoys long road trips, travelling to new destinations and meeting people from different cultural backgrounds.


VAADA (Victorian Alcohol & Other Drugs Association)

IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapists)

About Nature Based Therapy

Nature Based Therapy is an approved modality by the IICT that was created by Kit-e which focuses on a combination of techniques that utilizes the environment and materials from the natural world.  It facilitates one on one therapy or group therapy in a natural environment involving a combination of healing modalities including; mindfulness, art, nutrition, photography, journaling and counselling.

About Holistic Drug & Alcohol Counselling

Holistic Drug & Alcohol Counselling is an approved modality by the IICT that was created by Kit-e which educates the participant and at the same time takes them through processes that allows them to address their substance use issues.  Topics covered include; What is a drug, why do people use drugs, nature as an analogy for change, holistic health, the client relationship, narrative in nature, Holistic assessment, creative case management, stages of change, which way process, three worlds process, visualisation and treatment plans.

Get Involved

I am raising money to purchase a property in the Otway region of South West Victoria. My intention is to set up a healing centre for all women who need time to reconnect. A place where women can find their identity, purpose and connection. The women can stay for the weekend, the week or the year. It will be a semi-self sufficient space where we will grow our own food and share knowledge and experience to heal others who attend. There are many women who have suffered from abuse as children and adults and this has had a huge impact on their health and wellbeing. Often when these issues are not resolved we begin to engage in self destructive behaviors which lead on to further problems. The first step is to learn self respect and self care and bring back what has been lost in a gentle way. Often what is lost is our spirit and this then impacts on our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Our healing centre will be a space to talk, listen and learn. There will be nourishing Wholefoods, bushwalking, meditation, yoga, art therapy and lots of resources to read and watch. There will be various workshops offered from visiting holistic health practitioners and contributions from local sources. There will be a minimal cost to stay and a contribution to the daily chores of maintaining the space and preparing the meals is expected. It is also encouraged to share your experience and knowledge to support others. This is a healing centre that is run by the people for the people. A space to return to your inner child and begin the healing process.