About Kit Kline

Kit Kline, the founder of Nature Based Therapy, was born in Canada and moved to Australia when she was 10.  She is a decedent of the Wampanoag people on her paternal side and is a member of the Sou’West Nova Metis Council.  Kit has always felt a strong connection to her Native American ancestry and believes her philosophy on health and wellness derives from this connection.  Throughout her 20 years’ experience working with people diagnosed with mental health and drug and alcohol abuse both in the private and public health sectors she believes we need a more holistic approach to wellness which incorporates not just healing the person but also their families, communities and the environment.

Kit is currently completing a Master’s degree in Indigenous studies and has a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous studies.  Her post graduate studies include a Diploma in welfare studies, Diploma in alcohol and other drugs, Diploma in holistic healing and a cert IV in training and assessment.

Kit is a mother to three daughters and one son and enjoys coastal life in Torquay, Victoria.  In her personal time, she enjoys taking her family on picnics to local forests, bushwalking, mountain bike riding and cooking healthy organic food.  She also enjoys long road trips, travelling to new destinations and meeting people from different cultural backgrounds. Kit’s vision is to establish a women’s healing retreat and reconnect people to the natural world.


IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapists)

What is NBT?

Nature Based Therapy (NBT) is a recognised modality by the IICT that uses evidence based processes and modalities that reconnect people to the natural world where nature becomes the therapist. It is a gentle and effective way to create self awareness and activate self healing.

Why NBT?

The busier life becomes and the more we progress towards technology the more we disconnect with the natural world.  Our biology is slowly drifting away from its dependence on nature and is becoming more programmed to the fast paced life of the 21st century.  In the past decade we have seen an increase in mental health diagnosis, addictions (food, drugs, gambling etc), stress and lifestyle diseases and suicides.

How is it applied??

Nature Based Therapy uses various methods to apply itself which include; nature bathing, diet, creative arts, environment and practical counselling processes.

Where can it be  used?

Once you have applied the techniques taught in Nature Based Therapy it can be applied at home, in the office, at school or in the forest.

Who is it for?

Nature Based Therapy is for everyone.  It is especially beneficial for people who suffer from stress, anxiety and low self-esteem.  It can be used independently for personal health or by health professionals as a preventative or complimentary therapy to conventional medicine or social work practices.

When can I learn more?

Now! Please click on the link to find out more information!